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10 year old aspiring photographer Jackson Potts II created this stirring artistic representation of the seventh station of the cross. Unfortunately, the work has been suppressed for its supposedly objectionable content despite arising out of a confessional understanding of Christ and desiring only to make stark the innocence of Jesus in enduring his sufferings. If it makes us think hard about the Father, so be it. Looking past the cheesy make-up, I see a beautifully arresting image of battered innocence. We should be congratulating the boy on integrating his religious and artistic expression, not banning his image from galleries.

The artist’s supporters have set up a blog chronicling the experience at http://jacksonsstation.blogspot.com/. I encourage to go there and check it out.


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I saw at least one request for photos of the SBLGNT side by side with the NA27, so for those of you unable to attend SBL or who got there too late to receive a copy here are some quickly done comparison photos. Click to embiggen.

Sorry that one is so dark and blurry. I took it this morning in a dark room and I had to turn off the flash because it was washing out the text.

Now, since Ashleigh and I both attended the conference we ended up with two copies of the SBLGNT. We have no real need of a second copy so we decided to give one away here for those who were unable to attend SBL or who got there too late to get an SBLGNT. We haven’t figured out the details of the giveaway, but we’ll have some sort of contest or random drawing. Stay tuned.

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