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We’ve Moved!

Greetings friends. We’ve moved the blog from this freely hosted WordPress account to a self-hosted location. We’ve done this for a few reasons. First, those of you without a WordPress account are subjected to advertising when viewing the site, and the advertising is often for things we wouldn’t endorse. Second, WordPress charges for a lot of basic features, and we would rather host the blog ourselves than get nickel and dimed for basic things. Third, there are a couple of projects for the blog that we are working on that are easier to pull off if the blog is self-hosted. Multimedia integration is a lot easier from your own server.  That being said, we hope you like the new site design. Please update your blogrolls, links, rss feeds, etc. to point to http://www.wtjblog.com. In addition to looking better, the URL is now significantly shorter!


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I had a Facebook interaction that I found so amusing I decided to share with all of you. First, a little background. I went to a semi-conservative undergrad, the sort of place where professors are tolerant of views both more liberal and more conservative than their own but the official positions of the school say all the “right” things. I’m Facebook friends with a former classmate of mine who even then displayed a certain level of mental instability. I recall the stunned and awkward silence as he gave his sermon in our preaching class and used it to suggest that Christians should support the summary execution of any person who engages in homosexual activity. He was one of those people who espouses extreme views, but simultaneously is generally very nice and otherwise pleasant to be around. Even though I know it is futile, from time to time I attempt to comment on his more extreme postings and nudge them back towards some sense of sanity. It was his response to my gentle prodding which is prompting me to write this post. His comment is many things: loony, bizarre, uncharitable, and sad, but above all it is sort of hilarious. This man made a post about how he will enjoy murdering U.N. troops when they come to take over the U.S. for their “One World Tyranny.” I suggested that such an attitude does not correspond to the advice given by Jesus in the Gospels. I reproduce his response in its entirety:

Right, like Jesus Christ Himself [sic] wasn’t a Radical [sic]. Like He didn’t say to “put away you [sic] sword” for later use. Not Get[si..oh nevermind] Rid Of It! Like We Aren’t Supposed To Fight Tyranny And Evil… Dude, Your Social Justice Christianity has your head screwed on wrong. I am Scripturally Sound and your wanna help Pussify The Nation God Gave Us And Turn It Over To The Evil Of EDOM HE HATES. Go Ahead, But Not This Republic. Move To Canada Where Pussification Has Already Taken Hold But Don’t Dare Try To Un-Do The Christian Nation God Has Blessed Me With. Your Liberal B.S. Is Exactly Why Our Troops Get Spat Upon In Airports By Those Claiming To Love Our Country Then Turn Around And Fist Those Of Us With Balls Enough To Defend Her. Perhaps You Don’t Dig My Kind Christianity But At Least My Balls Have Dropped Enough To Be A Good American Hard Core. Time To Grow Up And See It’s Not All About Love And Flowers J.B.[that’s me] … Perhaps It Is That You Just Never Knew Who I Am? I Use Scripture As A Sword… You Must Be An Awfully Protected Guy Not To Have Your Eyes Open To Reality Yet. Grow Up.

Is it wrong that I cracked up reading that?

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How People Find Us

One of the coolest things about having a blog is that you can see what search engine terms have led people to your site.  This is something both exciting and amusing: exciting when you feel like people who have important questions are finding places where those questions are being answered, amusing when people search for bizarre things and find you whether they want to or not.

Most popular search: SBLGNT
Not surprising.  We seemed particularly popular when we were giving stuff away.

Second most popular search: walking toward jerusalem blog
This one is exciting because it means people are looking for us, specifically!   Other less popular variations of our blog title (including ones that get the “towards” right) are also prevalent.

Apparently we are sought out by those seeking moderate viewpoints:
moderate christian denominations, moderate denominations, +evangelical +blog +moderate, evangelical moderates, moderate evangelicalism, moderate evangelical, moderate evangelical church, most liberal evangelical denominations, moderate church denominations, list moderate evangelical denominations,  christian denominations moderate, moderate evangelical churches, denomination conservative theology moderate socially, moderate evangelical organizations “2010”, moderate evangelical church associations, moderate mainline churches, moderate evangelicals, what is a good christian denomination for a moderate protestant, moderate evangelical christians.

It makes me happy to think that we are there for them, hopefully providing hope that they are not alone in the world.  I remember when I was first transitioning into moderate evangelicalism in late high school, I knew nobody in real life who was asking the questions I was, and hence the Internet was very important for me.

We also get a TON of searches for things relating to Tertullian and women.  Tertullian is apparently a very popular/unpopular fellow, and hence we are becoming popular by proxy.  Kinda awesome.

Some more amusing ones:
5.7mmx28mm ballistics
“power of sin” “boy and”   (Anyone have any idea what that means??)
right mind  (Yes, we are in our right minds, thank you very much.)
liberated from the christological madhouse
monty python help help I’m being repressed

buying a gun in jerusalem
680 gre verbal good enough theology?
boy blogspot
  (Blogs are now gendered?)
everything that is wrong with christianity
silly bandz  
(Have we blogged on Silly Bandz and I didn’t know about it??)
is epilepsy considered demonic
resurrection humor
complementarian blog  
(Haha—search FAIL!)
walking toward have sex  (I don’t really know what this means.)
rick perry jesus
is feminism sin
complimentarian [sic] argument weak

The last one is probably the one that made me the happiest.  Yes!  Let us tell you about its weaknessess, muahahahaha!

Anyway, that is a nice little summary of how people get to our blog.  Also, at least once person keeps clicking to us from Google Kenya.  We don’t know who you are, but we think you are AWESOME!

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And the winner is…

A week ago, we posted the rules of our SBLGNT giveaway, and an enthusiastic handful of folks participated.  Well, we have used a random number generator to determine who deserves our prize (assigning numbers based on comment order), and the answer was…

Number 3!

That is to say, Christian of Homebrewed Theology!

Christian, you should have received an email regarding shipment in your Yahoo! account.  Let us know if you had any trouble receiving it.

To everyone else, thanks for participating!  We hope you’ll continue to read our blog, even when we’re not giving out prizes. And who knows… maybe we’ll be giving out more in the future!  :-)

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Well, the moment you have all been waiting for has now arrived. Ashleigh and I are giving away our extra copy of the all-new SBL Greek New Testament. See what all the fuss is about and check out that interesting apparatus! The giveaway rules are quite simple: 1. Share this post on either Facebook or Twitter 2. Post a comment indicating that you want the book (one comment only please) 3. In one week’s time, we will use a random number generator to decide who the winner is based on their comment number. If someone comments twice, only the first entry will count. If the number of a duplicate entry or pingback comes up, we will simple find a new random number. 4. We will announce the winner here on the blog and the winner should send a message via email or twitter. 5. We’ll ship it via USPS or UPS to you within the week. 6. The giveaway is limited to residents of the US and Canada. That’s it. Ask any questions you might have via Twitter.

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For those of you who aren’t aware via Facebook, I recently started a new blog project called The High School Seminarian, located at http://www.highschoolseminarian.com.  The blog is designed to introduce youngish laypeople (especially high schoolers, but I’ll take middle schoolers, college students, grandmothers… whatever!) to the wonderful land of theological studies.

If you’re interested in learning more about why I’m doing this or how you can be involved, that information is available on my site.

And if you’d like to check it out, here’s recap of my first several posts:

12/30/10- Review: The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind
12/31/10- What is Theology?
1/1/11- Review: Evangelical Renewal in the Mainline Churches
1/4/11- Jesus was Jewish
1/4/11- Organizing the Bible (Pt 1 of 3)
1/7/11-  Organizing the Bible (Pt. 2 of 3)
1/10/11- You Tell Me: Doubts
1/12/11- Organizing the Bible (Pt. 3 of 3)
1/19/11- Q&A with Whitney from Candler School of Theology (Pt. 1 of 2)
1/20/11- “To be hip or not to be hip?”
1/21/11- Q&A with Whitney from Candler School of Theology (Pt. 2 of 2)

Coming up next: a series on the Nicene Creed!

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