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I saw this at a news stand in the airport today.


Seeing things like this makes me want to get all imprecatory, but I have a feeling that if you dashed Osteen’s head against the rocks nothing would come out.


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My apologies for the lack of updates after the first day of starting the blog, but I am in the middle of a two week summer intensive that meets 4 hours each day for lecture and then has piles of reading to do. The professor explained on the first day that the class is a sort of forced march through medieval and reformation church history. We have a test on each Friday of the two weeks, the midterm which is tomorrow, and the final which is the next Friday. I am presently attempting to work through hundreds of pages of reading and using the blog here to procrastinate. I have about three unfinished posts in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled. The first is on economic factors influencing the interpretation of Luke-Acts. I also have some book reviews and such. I should have things flowing again tomorrow.

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